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Your bux.com account is an advanced mobile bill pay platform, which integrates
multiple products and services into a simple, easy-to-use account.

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Load bux

Load your bux account now to gain access to all of the bux.com value added services.

Pay Anyone

Pay Anyone

Using your bux.com app you can now send money home anytime of the day with the lowest remittance fees in the market.



TalkTime empowers the customer to purchase high quality telephone and calling products in order to keep in close direct contact with their family and friends back home while living abroad.

Pay Bills

Pay Bills

Your bux account now acts as your mobile bill pay app.



Your bux.com app has now become your personal online shopping payment app.

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Access your bux.com account on any mobile device and enjoy the convenience of the bux.com world of services including banking, bill payments, e-commerce, mobile top-up, voucher redemption and more, plus you can easily find the location of your nearest bux.com load station.

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mastercard and visa secured The security of your funds, account information and data are paramount to bux.com.
We continue to implement the latest account protection features supported by our global
banking partners to achieve the highest possible security standards.

No credit card information is attached to the world of bux.com making it less of a target
for those ‘bad persons’ and cyber criminals.

bux.com News, Articles, and Updates

GCash and Bux.com Empower the Philippine Unbanked Sector via mobile financial services

Friday, February 5th, 2016

Manila—bux.com the world’s most advanced total mobile payment solution, joins hands with G-Xchange, Inc., operator of internationally-acclaimed GCash mobile wallet, to provide financial inclusion to the Philippines’ unbanked sector. “We continue to put enormous amounts of time and energy into developing partnerships to serve Filipinos worldwide and the strategic partnership with bux.com complements our thrust […]

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Mobile wallets to transform the facet of financial transaction

Friday, December 11th, 2015

Mobile Wallets to Transform the Facet of Financial Transaction By Dr Swati Mujumdar and Dr Rajiv Padhye Today we have real evidence of the mobile phone bringing down the cost of REMITTANCE and now there is access for everyone to every day much needed financial services. Hong Kong based mobile Fin Tech company bux.com global […]

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How to use the Load Bux feature

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Load your bux account now to gain access to all of the bux.com value added services. With funds loaded into your bux account you now have access to all of the bux.com value added services like FREE Remittances, Pay Anyone options, VOIP services, long distance calling, mobile top up and more. Loading funds into your bux.com account […]

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