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Partners has engaged the world’s cash based consumers through our powerful, yet simple to use, computer and mobile solution.
A account holder can now participate in the online economy, and transact with a growing number of global
product and service options including bill payments and mobile phone top up, from anywhere
in the world, at any time of the day, with just one account.

Our services

Your account is an advanced mobile bill pay platform, which integrates
multiple products and services into a simple, easy-to-use account.

Pay Anyone

Pay Anyone

Using your app you can now send money to Philippines anytime of the day with the lowest remittance fees in the market. Money Transfer has never been so simple, fast and effective with your mobile app. Send Money overseas now by downloading the app. is your app for fast and secure money transfers. Send money overseas safer, cheaper and easier with With the lowest remittance fees in the market, and the most competitive foreign exchange rates, your app is now the only way to send money overseas.

Load Bux

Load bux

Load your bux account now to gain access to all of the value added services. Mobile cash loading is made easy with your app. You can also load your account with your bank account or Visa and Mastercard via anyone of the participating countries.

Pay Bills

Pay Bills

Your bux account now acts as your mobile bill pay app. Using your bux account you can now pay your bills at anytime of the day using the credit balance of your bux account. With your bux bill pay app you can pay anyone of your utility bills to make sure you bills are paid on time all the time.



You app has now become your personal online shopping payment app. You can now shop online with’s growing online shopping partners from the convenience of your account. With credit balance in your account you can shop with online retailers like Amazon and pay using your account. also has a growing number of e-commerce merchants now accepting as their preferred "cash" payment method.

Mobile Top Up

Mobile Top Up

Never run short of mobile load again. With your app you can load your mobile phone with load using the credit balance of your bux account. Load your cell phone with’s mobile load partners in real time so you can always stay in contact with your love ones.


Voice bux

Call home with’s new international calling service Voice bux, to say hello or let family and friends know they have received their remittance or top up. With Voice bux you can use the balance within your bux account to call overseas at fantastic low cost international call rates, anytime of the day from anywhere in the world!

Our rates will make sure you get the most out of your money when sending home to
your family and friends.

Consumer Protection

The security of your funds, account information and data are paramount to
We continue to implement the latest account protection features supported by our global
banking partners to achieve the highest possible security standards.

No credit card information is attached to the world of making it less of a target
for those ‘bad persons’ and cyber criminals.

Also available on these Mobile Platforms

bux Mobile
Access your account on any mobile device or computer, and enjoy the convenience of the world of services including banking, bill payments, e-commerce, mobile top-up, voucher redemption and more, plus you can easily find the location of your nearest load station.

bux Mobile iOS
bux Mobile Android

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Monday, October 5th, 2015

(1) Life as an Overseas Filipino Worker can be difficult at times, especially when trying to send money overseas, paying bills remotely and trying to stay in contact with family at home as often as you can.  However this proves to be both costly and time consuming! is making your life as an […]

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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Viewing your load transactions in your account is as easy as loading your account itself, if not even easier! Access your transaction history anytime, anywhere with the mobile app in your smartphone.   HOW TO VIEW YOUR PREVIOUS LOAD TRANSACTIONS FOR HONG KONG USERS   STEP 1: Go to the mobile app […]

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How to Load Your Account in Hong Kong via 7-Eleven

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 users in Hong Kong can now load their account through any 7-Eleven convenience store   located in various areas in Hong Kong, and you don’t even have to worry about a long loading process! All you need is to present your invoice to any 7-Eleven outlet and pay the amount you wish to load. The load […]

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