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What is bux.com

Thursday, December 31st, 2015
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    What is bux.com?

    bux.com is an advanced mobile bill pay platform that integrates a range of products and services into a simple, easy-to-use account.

    The mobile app engages cash based consumers from across the globe through a powerful, yet simple-to-use, mobile payment solution.

    Users can enjoy the convenience of the bux.com world of services including banking, bill payments, e-commerce, mobile top-up, voucher redemption and more, plus you can easily find the location of your nearest bux.com load station.

    When using bux.com mobile application, it is important to start off on the right foot, so this section of the wiki covers orientation for learning the mobile application as well as installation.

    You can also download the whole manual bux.com Mobile Application (Get Started Guide).