What is Bux.com?

bux.com has engaged the world’s cash based consumers through our powerful, yet simple-to-use, mobile payment solution. A bux.com account holder can now participate in the online economy, and transact with a growing number of global product and service options including bill payments and mobile phone top-up, from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, with just one bux.com account.

Who can enroll a bux.com account?

Anyone can create their own bux.com account. All you need is an internet access and a smartphone or a tablet with bux.com mobile app.

How to enroll or register a bux account?

First, download bux.com mobile app on Google Play or App store for free. Once successfully installed, open the mobile app and go to the Registration page by tapping the Create Account button, then fill all the required information. After the Registration, a verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number in seconds. Once your mobile number is successfully verified, you may now access your bux.com account and explore all the services and features of the app.

Why I can’t receive my Verification code on my mobile phone?

To complete the first stage of your Registration, your registered mobile number should be verified first. Your mobile number will also serves as username of your bux.com account. Please make sure that your mobile number is valid and still active. You can also check the signal strength of your local mobile network operator to see if you are constantly receiving messages from other mobile numbers. If you still didn’t get your code via SMS, just tap/click Resend Verification Code or contact our bux.com Support for further assistance.

What are the KYC’s needed to enroll a bux account?

For security purposes, every accountholders are required to submit/ upload scanned copy or photo capture of at least two(2) of the following as primary documents/identifications: a. Social Security ID b. Passport c. Driver’s License And at least another two (2) as secondary documents/identifications: a. National Identity Card b. Utility Bill (Electricity, Water, Landline, etc.) c. Bank Statement

How to access my bux.com account?

You can access your account via bux.com mobile app on any smartphones or tablet devices. And to get the newest and updated features, your mobile app should be updated to the latest version available on Google Play or App Store. For iOS users, the mobile app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and phones/tablets using iOS 6.0 or later. This is also optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. While, for Android users, the Operating System should be Android 4.1 (Jellybean) and up.

Why I can’t login to my account?

It is either you have entered an invalid mobile number or password. Try again and enter the correct login credentials. Make sure that your mobile number has the correct format and with a corresponding country code. (E.g.: 639123456789, for PH users) If in case you forgot your password, just tap/click Forgot Password link on the Login page of your mobile app to reset. Enter your mobile number and then tap/click Submit. A temporary password will be sent to your registered mobile number, use this to login to your account. Once logged in, change it immediately with your desired password.

I keep on receiving error message while logging in that says, “Unable to login using current device. Contact our Support for more details.” What does it mean?

What you have encountered is a Device Locking. This is another security feature of bux.com where we lock the device used to register the account. And when you experienced this error, contact our Support team immediately. You may drop us a message on the bux.com website or e-mail us directly at support@bux.com.

My account has been locked after I failed to login several times. What would I do?

This error occurs when you failed to login to your account for five (5) consecutive attempts. Contact our Support team immediately to help you unlock your bux.com account.

Why I cannot login my account on the bux website version?

The reason why you couldn’t login on the bux.com website version is because this portal was no longer supported. Our system has been totally moved to our bux mobile app. You can download the bux.com mobile app on Google Play or App Store for free, and then login your account.

How could I change my Account Name?

Changing or updating information like your Account Name are done only on our end. You can contact our Support via Chat using your bux.com mobile app or e-mail us directly at support@bux.com for further instructions. For security purposes, you will be required to submit a scanned copy or photo capture of any of your documents/identifications.

How to load my bux.com account?

To take advantage to the bux.com spend options, you must first load your account. You can load your bux.com account on any of our partner banks, payment centers and even online in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. You can easily find the location of your nearest bux.com load station using the Location Finder on your mobile app.

What is MSF?

To maintain the quality of our services, every bux.com account holders are charged for a Monthly Service Fee (MSF) and will be deducted from their accounts. In any one(1) month or 30 days that you transact using your bux.com account there will be a management fee of US$0.99. If the account is no longer active for a month, or no transaction or payment has been made, bux.com will not charge you with any management fees. This fee will be deducted after you have successfully performed your First Cash-In/Loading transaction of the month.

Can I use my bank account to load or transfer funds to my accounts?

If you have an existing online banking account, you can use it to load your bux.com account. Use POLi Payments for Australian accountholders and DragonPay Online Banking for Philippine accountholders.

Can I use my credit card to load my account?

This function is currently not available in the system. But you could load your bux account via cash payment on banks, retail outlets or through online banking.

What are the main services of bux.com?

Money Remittance. Send money to anyone using the Pay Anyone function where you can create your own money remittance options. So you can enjoy Low or NO Fees (when you are in bux.com FREE ZONE) to send money home. Withdraw funds. Transfer your funds on any of your linked bank accounts and cashout your money from over 20,000 ATM locations in the Philippines. Pay Bills. Pay your utility bills, airline tickets and even your Social Security. Transfer Funds. Link your account to any other bux account in the world, and instantly transfer your funds to them anywhere—for free! Loading Mobile. Top-up your prepaid mobile phone and even your families’ and friends’ mobile phone. Online Shopping (Earthmall). Buy gift cards, iTunes vouchers, Facebook credits and shop online using your bux balance.

What is FREE ZONE?

FREE ZONE is one of the features of Pay Anyone where you can send money to anyone without any charges. So your family will receive more money and free-of-charge.

How can I avail FREE ZONE?

If you are sending money not succeeding to P25,000.00 you can avail our Pay Anyone FREE ZONE. Aside from not worrying the high cost of transaction fees, your money will be surely received by your loved ones after 3-5 business days.

What is Cash Out Service?

It is a selection where a sender can choose their preferred time—they want their PayAnyone transactions should be received by their beneficiary. Currently, the only available Cash Out Service is 3-5 days, meaning all PayAnyone transactions are expected to received by their respective beneficiaries within 3-5 business days.

What is Cashout Option?

It is an option where a sender can choose on how they want their Pay Anyone transactions to be processed. It could be credited to their beneficiary’s bank account, claim funds in any pick up locations or via Door-to-Door service.

Can I link my bank accounts?

Yes, you can link your personal bank accounts via Linked Accounts. Then, select Bank and enter your personal bank account. After that, you can now use your linked bank accounts to cash out funds from your bux balance. This service is currently available for PHP accountholders only.

How secure to use Bux.com account?

Any transactions you made with bux.com will remain confidential, secure and well-protected and neither be passed, nor sold to any third party without the account holder permission.

What should I do if I encounter problems using bux.com?

If you have any comment, suggestion or inquiry, feel free to contact us at +63 25853387; +63 2 5849309, or e-mail us at support@bux.com. Our Customer Service is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.